Villa for Rent!

We invite you to a unique summer resort in Rio, Achaia Greece. Within a 4000m2 estate with olive and other fruit trees, there is a Mediterranean garden full of aromatic bushes, myrtles, laurel trees, roses and other kind, surrounding the well-designed illuminated swimming pool (112m2), dressed with colored tesserae with jacuzzi, which makes a dreamy seanery. It offers total privacy because of the covered sides with bushes and tall trees. At the end of it, it touches the sea where the breeze coming inside the house. It offers freshness, mental resurrection, exercise, swimming and other sports. It has a nice view of Patraikos bay, in short distance from the largest cable bridge in the world, the famous Rio – Antirio bridge.

For daily excurtions, there is the well known around the world Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Epidaurus, with the famous summer Ancient Theatre and many other attractions to visit.